HECM Training

Roster Training Requirements

There are two training requirements for HECM roster counselors.  

  1. Initial training: In order to become a HECM counselor on the HUD HECM roster, you must take an approved formal HECM training course before you apply.  
  2. Continuing education: Once you are on the roster, you are required to take HUD-approved HECM-related continuing education every two years in order to maintain your roster status.

NeighborWorks offers the HECM courses described below.  HUD also periodically offers webinars that can be used for continuing education.  Other organizations may also develop HECM courses and have them approved by HUD.  


You must obtain a certificate for each successfully completed course, and then scan and upload the certificate into the FHA roster application system (FHA Connection) in order to receive credit for HECM training.


To find out when NeighborWorks is offering HECM courses, use NeighborWorks’ Training Events Calendar to “Search Courses” by name or course ID. 

In Classroom

 NeighborWorks America currently offers a total of four classroom HECM training courses, available at NeighborWorks Training Institutes (NTI's) and occasional Place Based Trainings (PBT's).  Any of these courses may be used to satisfy either the initial training requirement or the continuing education requirement for the HECM roster.

Two additional NeighborWorks classroom training courses are HUD-approved to satisfy the continuing education requirement only.  These courses are available at NeighborWorks Training Institutes (NTI's) and occasional Place Based Trainings (PBT's).  Note: these courses cannot be taken as the education requirement for getting on the HUD HECM roster for the first time.


The eLearning format courses are self-paced online training that can be taken at any time.  You can learn more about NeighborWorks' eLearning format on NeighborWorks' Online Learning Page.  


NeighborWorks America currently offers a total of four eLearning training courses that relate in some way to HECM.  You MAY be eligible for a discount code for select courses.  Please email hecminfo@nw.org to see if you qualify. 


HUD-approved for counselors getting on the roster for the first time, or for continuing education: 

HO104el HECM Counseling Basics


HUD-approved only for continuing education: 

HO102el Mortgage Lending Fundamentals for Homeownership Professionals


HO109el Foreclosure Basics


HO130el Understanding Credit Reports and Credit Scoring

Virtual Classroom


The virtual classroom format is a faculty-led online learning platform.  This format allows students to interact with faculty and peers in an online environment for a specified period of time.  You can read more about NeighborWorks' Virtual Classroom courses on NeighborWorks' Online Learning page


HO365vc: Advanced Topics in HECM Counseling is a 3-week course, requiring about 4 hours per week.  It covers specific topics for experienced HECM counselors.  These include HECM for Purchase, HECM servicing and default prevention, and the HECM marketplace, including the role of the secondary market.  This course has been approved by HUD for HECM counselor continuing education; it is not appropriate for a new counselor. 

Instructions for Registration


In order to register for a NeighborWorks training, please visit NeighborWorks’ Online Registration website. If you already have an account, log in and search for your event or course. If you have not yet created an account, please do so and register for the desired course or event. Questions about the registration process can be directed to TrainingEvents@nw.org or (800) 438-5547.