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On this site you’ll find everything you need to know about the Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) counselor roster, information about the HECM Exam, training, and continuing education requirements.  As an active HECM counselor, you will have the ability to log in and use the Forums, Find a Colleague feature, and our Ask the Expert Tool.

NeighborWorks America is the country's preeminent leader in affordable housing and community development and provides training and technical assistance to active and prospective HECM counselors through its NeighborWorks Center for Homeownership Education and Counseling (NCHEC) with support from HUD.

  • Intro HECM Course Offered at Detroit NTI
    The Detroit NeighborWorks Training Institute (NTI), taking place August 8 through 12, is a great opportunity to fulfill professional development goals before the end of FY16. The introductory course Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HO111) is among the wide range of courses offered. This is a can't miss opportunity for housing, finance and or non-profit professionals to learn the nuts and bolts of the reverse mortgage product. Visit us online where you can view the course description. Go to NeighborWorks.org/Detroit2016 to learn more about the NTI and to register.
  • Financial Capability Course Designed for Counselors Serving Seniors
    Learn how to help seniors improve their financial well-being in Engaging Older Adults in Financial Capability Programs (HO180el) . Our online, self-paced course covers a wide range of financial topics— from money management to scam protection and living in safe, affordble housing. Visit us online to learn more about our eLearning courses and to register.
  • Back to Basics
    Get the latest information on loan costs, loan calculation, payment plans, details about the HECM counseling session requirements, and post-counseling follow-up in Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) Counseling Basics Overview. This recently updated course is part of NeighborWorks' eLearning seriesour user-friendly, self-paced online courses. For more information about our online learning opportunities, visit  NeighborWorks.org

Prospective HECM Counselors

Interested in becoming a HUD HECM Counselor? Start by reading the HUD roster requirements.  Prospective counselors can also search NeighborWorks’ HECM training offerings, and information on the HUD HECM exam.  Topics include an overview of the exam, study materials, registration guidance and a practice exam.

Active HECM Counselors


If you are interested in obtaining a reverse mortgage you can visit our Consumer Resources page, or go to HUD's website to find a HECM counselor in your area.